The marketing agency founded by data fanatics.

Data solutions


Valuation modelling that helps marketers demonstrate ROI

A core strength of Deedy is our data modelling and predictive analytics capabilities. We connect the dots between all aspects of our clients' business and help quantify the true value of their marketing programs.


Data operations, integration, and automation

Integrating data from across platforms is foundational to building a holistic performance view. We excel at building processes that enable truly holistic views of marketing initiatives, making insights easy and efficient.


Dashboards, reporting, and visualizations

Customized dashboards that capture the most important performance metrics, allowing you to make data-informed business decisions.

We partner with you to identify and prioritize the most impactful KPIs and elevate them through crisp visualizations that are easy to understand and action.


Data integrity management

Garbage in, garbage out. We make sure the data our clients use to optimize and analyze marketing performance is reliable and consistent.


Data Governance

Process, consultation, and documentation to ensure teams are following best practices. We develop and deliver of training programs that encourage adherence.

Marketing solutions



Our advanced reporting and marketing capabilities give our clients an edge in launching and optimizing their e-commerce marketing program.


Social media & digital strategy

Social media is more than just posting updates for your brand. We offer a data-rich strategy to optimize your organic and boosted social content and activities.


Paid media

We use data to inform our campaign design, activation, and optimization across all digital channels (display, paid search, video, etc.).


AdTech and MarTech

We help clients navigate, organize, and connect all the different advertising and marketing technologies into a custom tech stack optimized for their needs.


Personalization and targeting

Whether it’s running complex sequential messaging in digital campaigns or enabling highly personalized landing pages, we help our clients unlock real value for their customers through their data.